9h00-9h40 : Accueil et café.

9h40-10h30 : Laure Saint-Raymond : The mathematical work of Jean-Yves Chemin : some benchmarks

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11h00-11h50 : Thomas Sideris : The affine motion of 2d incompressible ideal fluids surrounded by vacuum

12h00-12h50 : Franck Sueur : On the controllability of the Navier-Stokes equations


14h30-15h20 : Vladimir Šverák : Singularities and their stability in simple model equations

15h30-16h20 : Christophe Lacave : Lagrangian trajectories and uniqueness for 2D Euler

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17h00-17h50 : Pierre-Louis Lions : Quelques résultats récents sur les équations de Hamilton-Jacobi stochastiques

18h30 : Cocktail au sommet de la tour Zamansky



9h00-9h50 : Gilles Lebeau : TBA

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10h20-11h10 : Ping Zhang : Global well-posedness of 3D anisotropic Navier-Stokes system with small unidirectional derivative

11h20-12h10 : Nader Masmoudi : Singularity formation for the Prandtl system


13h30-14h20 : Patrick Gérard : A survey of the Szegö equation

14h30-15h20 : Gigliola Staffilani : Global flows for random SQG type equations

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15h50-16h40 : Claire David : Wandering around the Weierstrass function



9h00-9h50 : Sergiu Klainerman : Nonlinear stability of black holes

10h00-10h50 : Jérémie Szeftel : The nonlinear stability of Schwarzschild

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11h10-12h00 : Daniel Tataru : Dispersive decay in one dimensional flows

12h10-13h00 : Fabrice Planchon : Modifed energies for NLS and transport of Gaussian measures by the flow

Après-midi libre (pas de buffet).

Soirée musicale


9h00-9h50 : László Székelyhidi : Instabilities and non-uniqueness in ideal fluids

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10h20-11h10 : Valeria Banica : Construction and description of a class of singular binormal flow solutions

11h20-12h10 : José Luis Rodrigo : Contour dynamics problems for the surface quasi-geostrophic equation and related models


13h30-14h20 : Bruno Franchi : Poincaré and Sobolev inequalities for differential forms in Euclidean spaces and Heisenberg groups

14h30-15h20 : Sylvie Monniaux : Domain perturbations for the Stokes operator(s)

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15h50-16h40 : Xian Liao : Conserved energies for the one dimensional Gross-Pitaevskii equation


9h00-9h50 : Nicolas Lerner : Integrals over a convex set of the Wigner distribution

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10h20-11h10 : Fulvio Ricci : Differential operators on Lie groups of polynomial growth, functional calculus and related transforms

11h20-12h10 : Herbert Koch : The renormalised nonlinear wave equation with additive white noise in 2d and 3d


13h30-14h20 : Jean-Marc Delort : The use of normal forms in long time existence problems in fluid mechanics

14h30-15h20 : Jean-Michel Bony : What is really the symbol of a Fourier Integral Operator ?

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